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We are on a mission to open the most accessible pub in the UK and proactively hire from those underrepresented in the working world. You can support us by buying our internationally award winning beer.

blOKes BOX

blOKes BOX - Sheep in Wolf&
blOKes BOX - Sheep in Wolf&
blOKes BOX - Sheep in Wolf&
blOKes BOX - Sheep in Wolf&

blOKes BOX

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These boxes are limited to 100 units only. Once they are gone, they are gone!

This incredible box contains two packs of award-winning biltong, ten of our beers, limited edition beer mats, and a limited edition print signed and numbered by the incredible artist Finn Henderson. Not only that but each box sold raises £10 for two incredible initiatives.

£5 will be donated to CALM

£5 will be donated to providing one on one therapy to people working in hospitality

This box has a value of well over £60 in our eyes (I mean who really knows what an original Finn will sell for in a few years...), donates £10 to charity, and costs you only £55 delivered to your door!

Thank you to the amazing people at Biltong Boss, blOKes, and Hackney Ladies Rugby Club for making this possible. And of course to Finn for creating artwork specifically for this box.

By buying this box you are helping us donate £1000 - THANK YOU TOO! 

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our values


From day zero, we will be inclusive. This starts at launch. This starts with a beer for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Inclusivity will be implemented in real terms in every step we take, not just because we should, or because it might look good in our marketing, but because there is too much talk and not enough real action. We are not about cheap words.
our values


We miss community, we want to take things back. Quite far back. There used to be a time (this might not be completely historically accurate) where your community revolved around either the pub or the church. It starts with our award winning beers; from non-alcoholic to low alcohol to 'standard' alcohol content. Community includes our work around mental health awareness. Next is 'The Locals'. Establishments which represent and support the communities they inhabit. Pubs which will be fully accessible for both staff and customers.
our values


This is our long-term goal. We will not be as sustainable as we would like at day zero, but every decision we make, every step forward will be made down the most sustainable route available at that time. We value our world over cash flow (don't tell our investors...) and this will be our ethos. We are not where we would like to be yet but we will strive in every step we take to be sustainable as possible. This started with tote bag purchases and ends... well, never.

Brewed Different

beers for anyone, anytime, anywhere

Beers for the stressed-out parents. Beers for the athletes. Beers for the weekend warriors. Beers for the celebrations. Beers for the conversations. Beers for those who are more than a sum of their parts.

our international awards

From our customers

Packed full of juicy flavours and a great bitter end. For a low ABV beer this has great flavours and compares well against lots of stronger beers


Absolute belter - launching into the summer with a banging new alcohol free Munich Helles... It's fresh as hell, with a light flowery hop blending with the solid malt base. 


The best non-alcoholic beer I've had so far. Really amazing body

Yield N16

Another very light beer but this one really punches above its weight. Wowzers