We are on a mission to create big beer experiences at session strengths. Alongside this we hope to one day realise our longterm goal of providing people who are physically and/or neurologically diverse with work. This is what we are all about, brewing incredible beer experiences at session strengths to create opportunities for people.

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picture of max the beer dog working hardFounder Matty's best friend Max the Beer Dog


We are founded on three values, and these are not negotiable:

inclusivity | community | sustainability

We have been inclusive since day one by providing a range of alcohol options from no to session to full-strength. This attitude passes over onto how we treat people and our longterm mission employ people marginalised in the working world due to physical and/or neurological diversity.

Community is critical and the Covid-19 pandemic really highlighted this. Through community we are working to try and bring people together, and actively support groups doing the same. We also work to raise mental health awareness under this value as community is so important for this.

We make the most sustainable decisions we can afford at each step. Protecting the environment is critical to how we operate and our future, all our futures. We do what we can here and make no claims and will continue to do so.


the hackney gladies rugby club

We are proud to sponsor the Hackney Gladies Rugby Club 7s Teams (pictured above) who are both awesome and embody our values. We are also super proud to have brewed Blue Balls Rice Lager in partnership Edinburgh Blue Balls. A group working to support others around the art of cold water submersion! Pictured below are some of their incredible members.

the edinburgh blue balls group

We are incredibly proud to have supported various groups since launch including the Coven Brewsters, founded by Pip Young, who are working hard to ensure beer is open for all and safe for women+. We have also donated to CALM, Sporting Memories and The Drinks Trust amongst many other groups and women's sports teams.