Why We Started - Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Brewery

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing was founded not because we wanted to bring incredible award winning beers to market. I mean, we definitely do want to do this. However, we started because our founder Matty wanted to operate a company which could provide opportunities to those who struggle to find work. Primarily those who are physically and/or neurologically diverse.

The label artwork Matty commissioned from the amazing Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor to represent our value of inclusivity


Matty's dad was severely paralysed (quadriplegic) in a car accident which was not his fault when he was ten. After a year in hospital his father made it home and actually back to work and driving again. However work proved itself unsustainable, in fact many things which were presumed ok did. Things which able bodied people take for granted became not only difficult but soul destroying. What happened next was that Matty and his family had their eyes opened to the lack of dignity which was offered to those who are physically challenged in society. 

Between then and now Matty gained experience working with people who were neurologically diverse and was disappointed at the lack of opportunities for people who fall in this category to enter the working world. The ONS reported in February 2021 that only 21.7% of autistic people are employed.

image taken from psychologicalscience.org


Fast forward and the business plan has been put into action with Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. Our next step... our ambition of opening the most accessible pub in the UK before our second birthday in July 2023. 

The aim for this space is to be able to allow people who are physically and/or neurologically diverse a space to socialise or work with their dignity full intact. This will then allow us to proactively hire from these demographics. Our target for the pub and the longterm is to have 50% of our amazing team from groups underrepresented in the working world.

How can you help us achieve this? Buy some beer!

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Aug 24, 2022
shirley shillcock

Great idea! I’ll buy some beer!

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